Successfully manage your note business without giving up all your free time

Three Rules

  1. Document your plan
  2. Focus on the next action
  3. Keep your data together and with you


Applications allow you to organize your note business

This set of applications has been developed for small balance real estate investors who have small (<100 assets) note investment businesses. The applications in this pack will help the investor keep track of the important tasks, checklists, people, vendors, etc. related to note investing.

Application Overview

  1. Notes
  2. Companies
  3. Contacts
  4. Purchases

Assets Application

Track tasks and data related to your current portfolio including next steps & follow up dates, image of asset, note terms, borrower info, and where the asset was purchased

Companies Application

Track information for companies we work with including contacts at those company, website, address, phone numbers, and business summary

Contacts Application

Track contacts we work with, their contact info, website, emails, phone numbers, and what type of work we do with them

Purchase Application

Track assets you are purchasing, keeping track of your offers, due diligence, purchase agreements, and whether a purchase is funded. Once purchased, track the boarding, collateral, and recording stages.

Servicer Portal Connection

Connect your Assets to your servicer portals, view your current UPB, recent payments, and servicer statements