How does Portfolio Activity Center work?

Access your Portfolio Activity Center via the web. You can login to your site via your computer, tablet, or phone. Simply login and you have access to all of the assets, contacts, and companies you work with.

How many notes can I manage with Portfolio Activity Center?

You can manage any number of notes.

Can I enable other people to see my data?

Yes, you can add “external” users to your workspace.

Can I import my existing notes?

Yes, simply fill out the provided Microsoft Excel template with your existing notes and we will import them for you or show you how to import them. In addition, you can add or edit notes using the web interface

Do you provide technical support for the Portfolio Activity Center?

Yes. Log any questions you have on the support website to Contact Us page and our technical support staff will contact you. You can also access the support site to from within any Portfolio Activity Center app by opening any item and finding the field “Do you have a question for the PAC support team?

Portfolio Activity Center

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